City of Palmerston will give residents a reason to enjoy the rain this wet season with a visit to Goyder Square to experience rain activated messages.  

Invisible until it rains, these messages are a playful and novel way for people to interact with their City. Upbeat and thought provoking quotes ‘magically appear’ when it rains - encouraging people to get outdoors this wet season and check out the trail of messages spattered throughout Goyder Square.   

This project is part of Palmerston Arts Strategy, contributing to one of the three focus projects that will assist Council to achieve the Strategy’s long term outcomes.

The project being: public arts enhancement and activation of the streetscape and public open space focusing on the CBD, particularly Goyder Square. 

Messages for the rainwork stencils were created in collaboration with Palmerston Own Writers.

View some of the rainwork messages in Goyder Square.