Our health and fitness program Activate is back in 2020 with some changes to the program. 

The program still offers Palmerston and rural participants a taste of the range of physical activities available in the community, catering for all fitness levels and abilities.

This year Activate will run in 3 x 8-week blocks, with an 8-week break in between each block. A $20 registration fee or $10 with concession per block is required to be able to participate in the program.  

Why the change for 2020?

Activate was introduced to the Palmerston community over a decade ago to encourage our community to get active and try new activities with local providers to see what they enjoy, before investing in them long-term.

Connecting Activate participants with local activity providers supports local businesses. City of Palmerston always have and continues to encourage participants to find what they enjoy though the program and continue their health and fitness journey outside of the program by supporting the provider.

In 2020 Activate will be trialing a new format designed to continue to benefit the community and the local business providers whose generous support helps make the program possible. For Activate to be successful, it must be working for all parties involved and this change is in response to feedback from both suppliers and participants. 

The new look program for 2020 will consist of 3 x 8-week blocks, with an 8-week break in between each block. A small registration fee of $20 per block will be re-introduced to ensure the program remains viable and some investment is entered into by participants.  

These changes will be a trial for 2020 and feedback will be sought from all involved to guide the direction of the program into the future.

Activate will still contain a variety of activities with your favourite suppliers, as well as the chance to try some exciting new ones. 

We appreciate your support and understanding through these changes and look forward to having you back in the program in 2020. 

Timetables for each block will be available at least one week prior to each block commencing here and on the Activate Facebook page.

BlockTimetable availableProgram dates (8-weeks)
Block 1 timetable20 January 20203 February-29 March 2020 
Block 2 timetable25 May 20201 June-26 July 2020
Block 3 timetable 21 September 20205 October-29 November 2020

How to join?

Registrations for block one of Activate have now closed. Check back before June to view the timetable and to register for Block 2.

Want to be involved?

Suppliers wanting to provide an activity in the Activate program must submit an Offer of Supply form to be considered for the program.
Offers of supply for BLOCK 1 of the 2020 program have now closed.
Offers of supply for BLOCK 2 of the 2020 program will open on 27 April.
Offers of supply for BLOCK 3 of the 2020 program will open on 24 August.  

Frequently asked questions

How do I register?

Register online via our website.

Do I have to register for each block?

YES, you must register at the start of each block. You must then show your registration details for each block to the instructor at the classes you attend.

Can I register at any time?

You can only register for one block at a time. Registrations for each block will open approximately one week before it commences. Registrations for Block 1 closes on March 1, 2020. 

How long do the blocks run for this year? 

In 2020 we will be offering 3 blocks that each run for 8 weeks. Between each block there will be an 8-week break before the next block starts. 

What do I need to bring with me to classes?

This information is contained on the Activate timetables located on the website.

Do I have to book for the classes?

Some classes do require bookings, while others do not. Information on booking requirements and contact details are contained in the block timetables located on the website. Please note: bookings are made direct with suppliers, not the Activate team. 

What if I haven’t done the activity before?

Great! Activate is all about trying out new things to see if you like them. All of the suppliers must scale the workout to suit beginners, so get out there and give it a go.

How do I keep up to date with the program?

The Activate Facebook page is the easiest way to keep up to date with the program and be notified of any last minute changes or cancellations. We also send out an e-newsletter with updates a few times during each block.

Can I bring children to the classes?

Some classes are child friendly while others offer creche. Limited detail on this is contained in the timetable but if you would like more information it is best to contact each supplier direct.
If your child would like to participate in a class but is under the age of 16, please contact the supplier directly to discuss their ability to participate in that specific class. Unfortunately for insurance purposes however they will be unable to register for the Activate Program. 

Can I bring along a friend who isn’t registered?

Anyone that attends Activate sessions must be a registered participant for insurance reasons. 

I have more questions, who do I contact?

Phone (08) 8935 9943 or email: and we will assist you with any other queries you may have.

p: (08) 8935 9943
f: Activate