Pet Park



The Marlow Lagoon pet park was developed by the City of Palmerston  for use by dogs with their owners. The park consists of 8 obstacles located at the western end of Marlow Lagoon Reserve. It is open 7 days a week (24 hours a day) and available for use by anyone. 

When first using the park we advise keeping your dog on lead. Do not attempt the jumps off lead unless your dog is under control. Show your dog each jump before attempting it.

Tip: For health and safety reasons please do not jump your dog if it is not yet fully mature (ie. under 12 months of age, this age varies according to the breed of your dog) as this may cause permanent damage to immature joints. 

Your dog needs to be under control at all times. You will also need to carry your lead at all times to enable you to quickly clip it on your dog should you need to. Tip: Please use only a leather or webbing collar on your dog to avoid neck and spinal injuries.

Park rules

  • Bitches in season are not permitted.
  • Pick up after yourself and your pet (pet poo bags are available from the dispenser on site).
  • Keep the gate to the car park shut at all times to avoid accidents
  • Give consideration to other park users, do not allow your dog to interfere or cause a nuisance to others.
  • Avoid your dog overheating by giving him/her plenty of rest and a cool drink of water. The splash trough provides a great place for your dog to get in and cool off.

Tip: Your dog will enjoy using this park the most if you give him/her lots of encouragement and praise as you use the obstacles.