Gray Community Hall

Located: corner of Essington Avenue and Victoria Drive, GRAY.

This is the place for open space. This large square room is great for functions and meetings. With a small kitchen facility, male, female and disabled toilets the area is designed to cater for everyone.

Surrounded on three sides by the Harvest Corner Community Garden and with large areas of shaded lawn beyond. Take a virtual tour of the facility.

Facilities and amenities

  • 12 folding tables, 80 chairs
  • Small kitchen with limited facilities - fridge, sink, wall urn, stove, microwave
  • Ceiling fans and wall fans, shuttered windows
  • Air-conditioning
  • Maximum capacity - 100 people standing, 80 people seated


Gray Community Hall is available to book online.                                               

Please note: in addition to the hire fee, a refundable bond of $125.00 is also required for this venue. Bookings require 24 hour notice. Bookings cannot be made on a Friday or Saturday for that weekend.

For re-occurring bookings, contact Council on (08) 8935 9929 prior to completing an online booking to check the times and dates you require are available.