Laneway Treatment Trial

Council recognises the importance of laneways in the community to connect people and provide access to community facilities such as parks, shops, schools and sporting venues.

Project information

In early 2019, Council began trialling treatments in various laneways across three Palmerston suburbs to assess if the measures taken will help discourage anti-social behaviour in these areas. Spatial mapping was used to identify the laneways most suitable for the trial as well as a combination of lighting assessments, police reports, resident feedback and site inspections.

Following community consultations, treatments are currently being trialled at the following locations. 

Laneways with temporary night-time closures are in place between the hours of no earlier than 9.00pm and no later than 6.30am. 

1.Manson Court to Bonson Terrace, MouldenLighting upgrade
2. Bonson Terrace to Staghorn Court, MouldenLighting upgrade and temporary full-time closure
3. Staghorn Court to Gumnut Way, MouldenLighting upgrade with motion sensor and motorbike treatment plus temporary full-time closure
4. Staghorn Court to Livistona Park, MouldenLighting upgrade with motion sensor plus temporary full-time closure
5. Gumnut Way to Livistona Park, MouldenLighting upgrade with motion sensor plus temporary full-time closure
6. Livistona Park to Melastoma Drive, MouldenLighting upgrade with motion sensor and motorbike treatment plus temporary full-time closure
7. Politis Court to Strawbridge Park, MouldenTemporary full-time closure
8. Politis Court to Strawbridge Crescent, MouldenTemporary full-time closure
9. Priest Circuit to Phineaus Court, GrayLighting upgrade
10. Priest Circuit to Emery Avenue, GrayLighting upgrade with motion sensor plus temporary night-time closure
11. Helio Court to Sibbald Park, WoodroffeTemporary night-time closure
12. Altair Court to Capella Court, WoodroffeTemporary night-time closure


Stage 1: (Feb-March 2019) Council spoke to residents to gather feedback on how people use the laneways before trial treatments were put in place.
Stage 2: (August 2019) Trial treatments were in place for approximately three months. Council sought to collect feedback to help evaluate the impact of the treatments. This feedback was considered in conjunction with data from police and pedestrian counters to help inform how Council will proceed with future laneway treatments. 
Stage 3: (October and November 2019) Council continued to trial laneway treatments including temporary night-time and full-time closures, which were implemented from the end of November 2020.
February-March 2020: With the measures implemented and soon to be reviewed by Council, further community feedback was sought to assist in this process. Those who lived nearby or used one of the laneways included in the trial, were encouraged to provide feedback in writing or at a community meeting, held on Thursday 5 March.

Future Laneways: Residents are still able to provide feedback about implementing a trial in another series of laneways. To provide nominate a laneway for a future trial go to 

Next steps

Following the community consultation, an information report on the consultation and feedback will be presented at the Council Meeting on Tuesday 17 March, with recommendations of future treatments to be considered by Council in April.


If you would like to discuss the consultation or have any other questions relating to the trial, please contact Council by email or phone: (08) 8935 9922.