Maintaining properties and verges

Council is committed to providing quality parks, gardens and open spaces for the benefit of our community.  We understand that the verge alongside your property is something you may wish to enhance to provide shade, habitat for wildlife and increase the visual appeal of your property and street.

Verges are the grassed areas on each side of a road situated between the kerb (or finish of bitumen) and property boundary. They vary in size and may have a footpath running through it.

Maintaining your verge 

Council encourages a sense of ownership and ongoing maintenance of verges by the adjoining owner, along with pruning any overhanging vegetation from your property and on your verge.

For the safety of pedestrians and drivers passing by, your garden and plants on your verge should not restrict pedestrian access or line of sight for drivers or pedestrians. 

Planting on your verge

Planting on the verge in front of your home is subject to our verge guidelines. If you wish to landscape your verge with plants or materials other than grass, a submission to Council is required seeking permission. Maintenance activities for a landscaped verge are to be undertaken by the owner at no cost to Council.

Trees and plants on verges provide shade, privacy and enhance the streetscape however they will require care, including water during the Dry Season, to thrive. Verges in the municipality are under Council control and permission must be obtained before planting or removing any trees on nature strips. 

Overgrown verges and properties

If they are not appropriately maintained, verges and properties can often appear overgrown and unsightly, with the potential to harbour vermin. 

Council conducts an ongoing long-grass program to ensure owners keep their blocks clear of long grass and other vegetation to reduce fire hazards and to assist in preserving our urban amenity. 

If there is a property you are concerned about, Council encourages you to lodge a service request regarding an overgrown verge or long-grass issues within a property by contacting (details) and providing the following information:

  • address of the verge/property
  • a description of the excess (i.e. grass, rubbish)
  • describe the amount of excess (i.e. if vegetation – height, if rubbish – quantity)
  • is the property occupied or unoccupied?
  • where on the property is the problem occurring (i.e. front yard, back yard)
  • have you seen undesirable wildlife (e.g. rats or snakes) on the verge/property? 

Council will then follow up with property owners to ensure that the property is properly maintained. Penalties may apply if owners fail to adequately maintain their property.

To lodge a service request please click here and complete the form. 

For more information on planting or maintenance of your verge please contact us on (08) 8935 9922.