Trees along road verges are pruned annually. 

The pruning is primarily to prune branches and foliage that interrupt the vision of pedestrians, intersections, street signs and street lights. In carrying this pruning out, the trees are also inspected for faults and reported back to Council for assessment and action if needed. 

Trees are also inspected on request for an assessment of health and any risk posed.

In addition to this, Council’s qualified arborists undertake risk inspections of trees on a zone priority system. This is an ongoing inspection that sees trees along roads and parks with a higher concentration of people or vehicles, inspected on a frequency that is linked to the concentration; eg trees in the Palmerston CBD are assessed annually, major roads and parks, every 2 years, lesser trafficked roads and parks, every 3 years and so on. 

All trees in public places are protected under Council's by-laws. It is illegal to remove, prune, damage or destroy trees on public property and offenders can be prosecuted. It is community and a Council responsibility to protect our environment. Residents are urged to contact Police if they see someone vandalising a tree.Trees on nature strips are in public places and belong to Council no matter who planted them.

If residents have any problems with trees on Council property, contact:
Technical Services-Open Spaces
p: (08) 8935 9955